“Designer Original”

normal is boring or so i tell myself, no longer caught up on why am i this way because that leads nowhere fast, instead embracing my eccentricity and learning to go with the flow and figure it all out along the way, a designer original i am, so i just run with the individualism because … Continue reading “Designer Original”

“Going To Town”

breaking out of my daily routine, i get myself together and take a ride with my mother, who is good at this sort of thing, and run a necessary errand in the busiest part of town, traffic everywhere, people coming and going and all listening to my thoughts and there i sat, trapped and counting … Continue reading “Going To Town”

“Looney Tunes”

the music intrudes upon my conscious mind, loud and obnoxious and drowning out all ability to think straight, not constant but coming and going and when it comes it becomes all-encompassing and impossible to ignore, this melodic torture, a symphony of sonic interference, just one more thing for me to have to deal with