“Trench Warfare”

in the trenches, i'm slogging forward night and day, fighting for every square inch of ground to stand on, and it's a violent struggle just to occupy the space i'm in as i breathe in and breathe out the sickly stench of death on a daily basis, clawing my way towards sanity in the no … Continue reading “Trench Warfare”


there's something to be said for spending a day alone every now and then, gathering one's thoughts and getting one's bearings in this crazy world full of go go go people all coming and going, not knowing if they're coming or going, so i take the day to reflect and look inside and figure things … Continue reading “Reflection”


monomania, hours spent pursuing the uncertain goal of distracting myself, i sit and stare at a computer screen and tap away on a keyboard, sharing my life and experiences and thoughts in general with people i've never really met, my way of coping and dealing with a reality too harsh to handle on my own