“Get Well Soon”

birds chirp melodiously overhead, singsonging from treetop to treetop underneath the lackadaisical drifting of clouds in no hurry to get anywhere on this sun-drenched South Carolina spring afternoon, and i sit and receive it all as if a personal gift from the Creator to me



the man with the schizophrenic beard stares at me, unblinkingly, from the other side of the bathroom mirror, beleaguered and bewildered as we meet again in the awkwardness that has come to define my daily existence, and i can tell he is chock-full of questions i simply cannot answer


blending into the backdrop of everyday life, i camouflage myself ingeniously among the so-called normal ones as they go about their daily grind, eating and sleeping and going to work and going to Walmart, living like one of them as i go about my business, unnoticed by most and that's just fine by me