“Taking The Ride”

the days slip by,

Kerouac days,

on the road again

watching the

great land of America

roll by from

a Greyhound bus window,

the rocky southwest

gradually giving way

to the green grass

of east Texas

and beyond

as i transition

from one coast

to the other,

making stop after stop

in ever little town

you never heard of

as everyday people

get on and get off

here and there,

ordinary people,

not-so-ordinary people,

people fresh out of jail,

people who sneak off

and smoke marijuana

every chance they get,

pill poppers and dopers,

people unwilling to fly

for whatever reason,

people with no other option,

people trying to get somewhere

and we’re all

in this thing


lurching forward,

mile after mile

through the good and the bad,

people in the back

complaining how

the bathroom stinks,

surly driver barking

over the crackling P.A.

at the unruly among us,

everyone going, going, going,

unable to sleep

and nothing else to do

as the minutes

slowly tick by,

racking up mile after mile

as we all just sit back,

buying the ticket

and taking the ride

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