peering back through the years i remember the vivid hues of times gone by, the euphoric highs of younger days throbbing with excitement as i chatted up the world and wrote it all down in my many notebooks i would later on simply destroy, unmedicated and not too concerned as life whizzed by in a … Continue reading “Retrospect”


“Human Being”

to the layman i am an enigma and to the professional a thing to be studied and classified, a disordered mind shuffling through life in a disheveled body, misunderstood and more than a little apprehensive about interacting with my fellow humans whose goal in life is to have it all together, altogether not a bad … Continue reading “Human Being”

“Hard Place”

stuck between a rock and a hard place, unable to live and unwilling to die, memories resonate and reverberate as my thoughtlife churns up the waters of existence and meaning, existential angst embodied in a down-home southern boy, a question without answer