this terrible boredom that eats at me, eroding my soul, not for a lack of things to do but rather a lack of enjoyment in the things i try to do, nothing seems to do it for me yet i press on in the hope that somehow something will click and this will all be … Continue reading “Anhedonia”



consigning myself to this solo journey of introspection and doing things for myself i reflect and listen to the thoughts rambling around in my head, the good, the bad and the ugly, learning what i can as i go, the give and take of life as i stare at these four walls and enjoy my … Continue reading “Solitary”


monomania, hours spent pursuing the uncertain goal of distracting myself, i sit and stare at a computer screen and tap away on a keyboard, sharing my life and experiences and thoughts in general with people i've never really met, my way of coping and dealing with a reality too harsh to handle on my own