“Button Up Shirt”

needing a shower but lacking the drive and ambition to take one, i change shirts, a surefire short term fix to tide me over till inspiration returns, sliding into a white button up job with a collar and a gray plaid crisscross design, the kind of thing that just smacks of i've-got-it-togetherness and flies directly … Continue reading “Button Up Shirt”


fresh off a nonsensical dream that i can't quite remember, i ooze onto the scene of another day, red plastic Solo cup of unsweetened tea in hand as i sit under the swooshing and the gentle hum of the dizzy dizzy ceiling fan, gyrating like a whirligig as if powered by the thoughts circumbobulating inside … Continue reading “Whirligig”


blending into the backdrop of everyday life, i camouflage myself ingeniously among the so-called normal ones as they go about their daily grind, eating and sleeping and going to work and going to Walmart, living like one of them as i go about my business, unnoticed by most and that's just fine by me