“Living Room”

angry furniture leers at me from across the living room, animated, seemingly, with some vile apprehension at just the sight of me and i just sit here and try my best not to provoke any reaction or cause too much of a problem which seems totally illogical in a way but hey it is what … Continue reading “Living Room”


chosen by God from the beginning of time and space, for what i don't really know but i feel it's something big, facing the ever present onslaught of government interference in my life and waiting to see what happens as life unfolds one day at a time, i struggle on and hope for the best … Continue reading “Struggling”

“Looney Tunes”

the music intrudes upon my conscious mind, loud and obnoxious and drowning out all ability to think straight, not constant but coming and going and when it comes it becomes all-encompassing and impossible to ignore, this melodic torture, a symphony of sonic interference, just one more thing for me to have to deal with